Friday, February 15, 2019

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

I, Tbilisi

Everytime I talk about Tbilisi, I always say:  "I totally don't like it, But  I'm loving it". Yes...that's true. 
Every year, air pollution kills about 6.5 million people worldwide — linked to everything from lung cancer to heart disease to strokes. It’s an honest-to-goodness public health crisis. Georgia is NO. 1, Besides air pollution, there are lots of problems: traffics, chaotic buildings, poverty and etc. .....but that's the other story...
That's  the part of my  city, which I don't like. Now I'm showing you the features that  I love.
I was born here 23 years ago. As long as I remember myself, I live here. "Plekhanov" (the quarter I grew up) always has been very charming, multinational and colorful part of Tbilisi. I've spent my years of Kindergarden and School here. So  it's very important for. Now  when I'm older, I try to research interesting stories about my quarter and my city. 
Like any other teenage person, I loved urban legends...like, haunted houses, mysteries, scary stories. About 7-8 years ago, I've discovered the scariest urban legend of Tbilisi, called "Pentagram of Tbilisi". It's about 5 houses in Tbilisi, all located  in different streets (but the houses  numbers are 6). Every house had a basement. Those  basement should have been connected with the tunnel which had the center. There should  be the order of some mysterious people, who collected there and they were making some kind of rituals. (ooohh and I'm dead).
At that time, I was 15-16. So  I was totally obsessed  with the old houses, the residents' stories and other things like  that. So  I started to read, research and get to know more about the architecture and urbanization of Tbilisi. It  became my hobby  to wonder in  the  streets and observe the details of the houses. Nowadays I'm  a huge lover of Tbilisi. I can feel  it's  charm and it became  the par of my soul. I go  somewhere and discover a house? That's a huuuge pleasure for me. 
Here are  the really small part of my discoveries: 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Travel Ideas in Georgia

As you see, the summer is almost over. Some  of  us are still   at  town, working. From  my  side, I'm planing to visit Black Sea coast at the end of this month. So, I'm not going to leave this country  (this summer). 
But  Georgia  is not only  the  Black Sea  coast...or Tbilisi. It  has the  wide range of places (I mean different places). Like there are mountains, rivers, lakes, ski resorts  (even in Summer ( ... and  yes, we have the  snow  right now in Kazbegi )). 

So here  are the places (My top 10)  you can visit during traveling in Georgia: